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We have been and always will be the first tickling social network on the internet. First established back in 2005, the website was based around the concept of audio/video chat. From there we branched into a social network. We are here to support the tickling fetish and all of it’s glory. Unlike many of the other networks that you may find throughout the internet, we are 100% free and we do not take any forms of compensation from our ads, groups, or any other part of this website.

We are free to producers, models, and regular members. That makes us the first tickling, audio/video chat based, 100% free to everyone, website on the internet. You must be asking why would a band of misfits do such a thing? We believe that the Tickling Community as a whole could benefit from it. This is the only reason.


Do I Have A Tickle Fetish?

The video below was created by none other than Yaqi from Yaqi’s World of tickling. It is a documentary, explaining the tickling fetish in many different ways. This video is part one of a 2 part series. If you are not sure if you have a tickling kink or fetish, please watch this video. If the scenes depicted arouse you in some manner than the answer is YES, you do have a tickling kink or fetish. Do not feel weird or strange about it. Tickling is depicted in the Karma Sutra and has been used as sexual foreplay for thousands of years. Somewhere in your brain development some lines got crossed when it came to sexual pleasure and the act of tickling. There is nothing to fear. It does not make you strange or weird. However, it does make you different from “Vanilla” people (someone that does not have any kinks or fetishes). Kick back and watch the video.


Tickle Fetish



“A person who is strongly aroused by tickling or being tickled.
tickle torture tickle toy tickling tickle tickler ticklish fetish laughter tickle fiends ticklephile tie down victim sloth slothing tickel tickel fetish tickeling ticklesex tickle sex ticklsex”

Who would have ever thought that something we endured as a child could become a lifestyle. Among the first sounds to come from our mouth, prompted by the kootchi, kootchi koos from our parents, was laughter. Today, millions of people worldwide share this infectious expression as they participate in the growing phenomenon of tickling!
This recreational activity (as ticklers prefer to call it) is one of the fastest growing crazes around the globe, and it’s not new! If you search the Internet you will discover ‘tickling’ clubs and organizations have existed for several decades in many corners of the globe, and there are dozens of web sites and chat forums where ‘ticklers’ come together regularly to share techniques and tickling styles.